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sysynkt is a powerful business intelligence fms solution, provided by BDI. join our free webinar.

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Attend our new free webinar series about Sysynkt, an innovative cloud FMS that brings a range of benefits to your business.

sysynkt is an affordable cloud solution to add a new level of functionality to sunsystems

Move SunSystems To The Cloud Faster With Sysynkt

Sysynkt offers the SunSystems community a fresh and exciting method of delivering a cloud-based ecosystem in a cost-effective and agile way.

using spreadsheets to manage your organisation's financial information can cause many headaches.

The Issue of Using Spreadsheets For Financial Information

Managing your organisation's financial information via spreadsheets is not a sustainable option. Read on for the potential issues, and how to mitigate them.

project managers who use data efficiently see stronger results.

Project Management Secrets: How To Use Data Efficiently

The secret to great project management is to use data efficiently. This is made easier through applying BI tools, leading to positive action.

an fms solution can support your organisation in its financial processes

How Can A FMS Solution Support My Business?

Financial Management Systems (FMS) helps organisations to stay on top of their expenses. Read on to learn more about how an FMS can support your business!

understanding PSD2 can help you feel more confident with using open banking technology

PSD2: Everything You Need To Know

Understanding PSD2 can help you feel more confident in bringing open banking to your organisation. Read on to learn more about what PSD2 involves.

api allows greater interaction between software, and encourages innovation

The Key To Understanding API technology

An API (Application Programming Interface) opens up a range of opportunities for businesses. Understand what APIs are, and how they can be applied.

using sunsystems to automate your business process management offers a range of benefits

Automate Your Business Process Management With SunSystems

SunSystems offers a range of functions to automate your business process management. Learn how to maximise your business potential with Sun.

whilst users may have concerns over the security of open banking, it is actually equally as safe as online banking procedures

How Safe And Secure Is Open Banking?

Open banking can seem intimidating, but it is as safe to use as standard online banking procedures. Learn more about how to stay safe.

Using Business Intelligence With Data Mining

The terms 'business intelligence' and 'data mining' are thrown around frequently in FinTech. Learn more about how they are connected.

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