Next generation finance software for the frustrated Exchequer user

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We understand Exchequer users

Iplicit is a must-have cloud-based solution that comes packed with features designed to help users of on-premise finance software upgrade to the latest version with ease. Unlike traditional upgrades, which can often be complex and costly, iplicit offers a straight-forward path for users to upgrade, without sacrificing functionality. Whether you’re looking for enhanced reporting, powerful integrations, or flexible features, iplicit has it all.

If you’re presently using Exchequer accounting software, then you’re in luck because the founders of Exchequer have designed this 21st-century cloud-based solution with you in mind. With over 40 man-years invested in development, iplicit is outstanding software that represents the state-of-the-art in the world of finance software. Its design is also sympathetic to the unique needs and requirements of Exchequer users, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to move ahead with their finance software.

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Built for your needs

Our software solution, iplicit, is designed to address your needs for automation and time-saving while avoiding expensive modular additions and automatic upgrades.

We recognize your frustrations with your current software and have incorporated the features that you love into our solution. Our aim is to make your software experience smooth and efficient, saving you valuable time and resources.

With iplicit, you can expect a solution that is tailored to meet your unique business requirements, providing you with the tools you need to run your organisation seamlessly.

iplicit Features

Unlimited Flexibility

iplicit offers unlimited dimensions allowing customers to slice and dice their data in as many ways as they need to gain the insight required to drive growth.

Dashboard Reporting & Analytics

Create powerful dashboard reports to easily visualise key metrics and KPIs.

Credit Control Capabilities

Easily customise your dunning processes to improve payment collection and reduce DSO. We also offer native direct debit functionality too

Auto Bank Feeds

Auto bank feeds come as standard, speeding up bank rec and payment processes and removing the chance of manual error during uploads

Real-time Consolidation

Our single unified architecture means that transactions are only entered once and are automatically consolidated in real-time for easy reporting.

AP Automation

Optimise your processes and utilise time saving technology to remove the burden of manually managing your precure to pay process.

Intuitive Workflow Engine

Easily customise workflows in iplicit so that the system works the way you need it to with all the approvals and controls you require.

AP Automation

Optimise your processes and utilise time saving technology to remove the burden of manually managing your precure to pay process.

Timesheets & Expenses

Timesheets and expenses available through our mobile app or on any modern browser. 

Project Accounting

Powerful project module allows for users to easy manage and gain visibility over key project metrics such as project profitability.

Automated Billing & Revenue Recognition

Utilising our automation engine, customers can fully automate their billing and rev rec processes, removing the need for clunky and error-prone spreadsheets.

Affordable & Accessible

With a competitive price point and an average of 15 days to go live, iplicit puts the power of enterprise-level accounting software in the hands of mid-market organisations.

API-first Architecture

Built to be extensible, iplict is easily integrated into other key business systems to provide a real-time single source of truth.

iplicit Customer Success Stories

Brookes Union

"I had been a user of Exchequer for 18 years and the system was becoming more and more expensive... I didn’t feel as though I could get the quality of support that I used to experience and it felt like the passion had gone out of the product. Another primary driver for change was the desire to have a system that didn’t mean I had to be locked to my desk to use it!"

Borg Transmission

"After being on Exchequer for many years, it (changing systems) certainly wasn’t a decision that we took lightly. iplicit met & exceeded our requirements with the added bonus of the familiarity to Exchequer but with far more flexibility. Once we had a demonstration of the iplicit solution, there was no doubt that this was the product for us."


"The iplicit experience (since going live) has been very good; our Office Manager thinks it’s fantastic as the system has saved her a considerable amount of time. The ability to just jump to different areas of the system very quickly, for me, is also very useful as I can almost look at two things at once, which also saves considerable time... It’s very user friendly."

du Boulay

"The ability to work remotely has been an enormous difference. In fact, with our old system it just wouldn’t have been possible to work the way we’ve had to for the past few months. Also, the flexibility of the system and the quickness of the updates is excellent. Whenever I have a design requirement, the iplicit team is very quick to respond."

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