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Partial VAT

iplicit’s advanced Tax Management features enable nonprofits to easily manage the complexities associated with partial VAT.

Fund Reporting

iplicit’s fund and grant management capability enables organisations to see instantly, monies from various grants and funds. These can be segmented by fund-type to enable restricted and non-restricted views. 

Multi Level GL Analysis

Understand actuals vs. budgets by Activity, Cost Centre, Departments, Projects, Funds, Locations, it’s all configurable with iplicit.

Staff & Volunteer Expenses

Easily add expense claims using the iplicit mobile app, making authorisation by managers quick and simple.

Predictable Costs

Our straightforward monthly pricing includes licence fees, award-winning support and regular updates.

Easy Adoption

We’ll empower you and your team to learn about the system at your own pace, with a safe sandbox mode for multiple users to explore.

Restricted & Unrestricted Funds

iplicit's flexible structure and unlimited dimensions enables restricted and unrestricted funds to be analysed and reported on.

Financial Consolidation

Eliminate manual consolidation with a single unified platform for your multi-entity and multi-currency accounting and consolidation needs.


iplicit has been designed to ensure simple integration with Donor, Membership and Grant management systems.

Trustee Reporting

Trustee reporting is made simple with iplicit’s Dashboard and Management reporting tools.


Monitor and control budgets at operational and consolidated accounts levels.

Automatic Upgrades

iplicit provide monthly system updates that are automatic, user-centric and ensure that the software continues to meet the changing needs of your sector.

SORP Compliance

Be SORP compliant, meeting the needs of FRS102 with simple handling of funds and other multiple reporting criteria.

Project & Job Costing

Understand and manage projects in detail to obtain real-time views of costs, commitments, time spent, current forecast, and profitability.

Configurable Multi-Level Authorisations

iplicit’s Configurable workflow Authorisation ensures that processes are followed with a full audit trail of submissions and approvals.


iplicit is a full, multi-currency solution.

How the BHRRC simplified multiple currencies and 5 legal entities across 20 countries

Chief Operating Officer Graham Mackay outlines how iplicit replaced the “blindness” of their old accounts with 20/20 vision.

Tell me about the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre?

We’re a human rights charity. We carry out research and advocate for better business respect of human rights around the world. Our teams track more than 10,000 companies in around 180 countries – working with allies and partners to eradicate abuse.

Our organisation amplifies the voices of human rights advocates to multiple audiences including civil society, the media, companies and governments. We collect data on alleged business-related
human rights abuses and challenge companies quickly and directly on it, making the information
publicly available. Since 2005, we’ve made more than 7,000 approaches to companies – with a response rate of 63%.

We pursue companies that fail to respond adequately to allegations of abuse and we alert the world to prevalent issues – posting in excess of 600 news items per month across our 10-language website; the only business and human rights hub of its kind.

We have offices in London, Berlin and New York. Our team comprises 13 trustees and 85+ colleagues. Our regional researchers are based in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, Germany, the UK and the USA.

The nature of our structure means we’re constantly dealing with multiple currencies. We have five legal entities in the UK, USA, Australia, Colombia and Germany. And we have donors ranging from governments to trusts and foundations. All these donors have different requirements, particularly
around financial reporting

It’s a finance system for the whole organisation – which is something that we advocate – so it’s not a finance silo.”


What are the day-to-day challenges that are typically placed upon your finance system?

Requests for expenditure on lots of things around the world in lots of different currencies, tracking them to the appropriate donor project, squaring the management accounts demands, providing good-quality management information for project managers, balancing how much money we have
left with what we will need at the year-end. Obviously, we need to do donor, management and statutory reporting

Did you have a projected ROI when it came to changing your accounting system? 

An ROI calculation wasn’t necessary because what we had before was simply not working. A lack of time and resource meant I inherited a creaking and old-fashioned system when I joined in September 2021 as Chief Operating Officer – there had not been a COO previously. One of my
first jobs was to find a replacement system.

Were you running multiple copies for multiple instances, for multiple entities, or was it one copy for the whole organisation?

We ran Sage for three of our major entities. One of the remaining five entities were run off the UK side accounts – and then one, a small operation in Colombia, is completely independent. That’s a work in progress; we hope to complete that in the next financial year.

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6 Full Financial Users
69 Team Users

Previous System

Sage 50 plus "1000's of spreadsheets"

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April 2022


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