Author - Lee Robbins

sunsystems provides a simple solution for financial management operations

The Benefits of Accessible Business Intelligence

The Benefits Of Accessible Business IntelligenceBusiness intelligence (BI) is a powerful tool that can help organizations of all sizes gain valuable insights into their business data. It can help...

Implementing New Software – Common Mistakes

Introduction When implementing new software in any workplace, an organisation is almost guaranteed to encounter complications. This is not a major issue. What can become an issue is the inability...

Born In The Cloud VS. Adapted For The Cloud

Introduction ‘Born in the cloud’ technology refers to products that were built from scratch for the cloud. Being cloud-based is an intrinsic part of the product’s architecture and user experience...

What Are The 4 GAAP Principles?

What are GAAP Principles? You might have heard the term GAAP used before in reference to financial conduct, but not understood what it means or where the term originated from....

using an eprocurement solution can help your organisation save money in relatively simple ways

4 Ways eProcurement Can Save Money For Your Business

Implementing an eProcurement solution is a simple way to save money, offering greater visibility over spending as well as automation benefits.

Data Visualisation is supported by Sysynkt.

What Is Data Visualisation And Why Is It Important?

Data visualisation design requires a number of things to provide an advantageous experience to the user; interactivity, clarity, and more.

people coming together to discuss bi buzzwords and good data strategy

5 Steps To Creating A Good Data Strategy

A good data strategy comes down to more than just accurate data. You also need data advocates and strong leadership, as well as ample teaching.

using ad hoc financial analysis allows your organisation to respond quickly to new challenges, as a benefit

Why Your Business Should Consider Ad Hoc Financial Analysis

Using ad hoc financial analysis allows your teams to use financial data more intelligently. Learn more about the benefits of ad hoc analysis in our post.

budgeting and forecasting is enhanced by BI and strong data

The Importance Of Budgeting And Forecasting In BI

The budgeting and forecasting process is supported by strong BI solutions. Proper planning and good data is the key to positive action.

making tax digital, or mtd, simplifies the tax process and making it easier for teams to process the right information

MTD – What You Need To Know About Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a UK government scheme designed to make the tax process simpler. Read on to learn more about what is involved.

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