Move SunSystems To The Cloud Faster With Sysynkt

Sysynkt offers the SunSystems community* a fresh and exciting method of delivering a cloud-based ecosystem in a cost-effective and agile way. An innovative new FMS solution, Sysynkt was built from the ground-up to solve common grievances with SunSystems and the myriad of accompanying 3rd party applications designed to meet modern needs. Gone are the days of using multiple applications for your organisation’s goals, it is time for a simpler option.

Things can only get better with Sysynkt. Read on to learn more about how Sysynkt can support your organisation in the move to the cloud.

BDI is also running a series of webinars in August, focusing on specific Sysynkt features. Whether you’re looking to improve your Purchase ManagementExpenses Management, or introduce Open Banking functionality to your organisation, we are confident that Sysynkt is able to help. Book your free tickets today and learn more about how Sysynkt can improve your organisation’s SunSystems today.

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What is Sysynkt?

In essence, Sysynkt is a born-in-the-cloud module platform with three core objectives:

The team behind Sysynkt know the issues faced by SunSystems users and administrators. Whether this is day-to-day operational problems, the overhead of managing lots of different companion products, or simply the lack of a cloud migration strategy, the Sysynkt team have dealt with it all before.

Sysynkt is their solution to overcome these problems and make life simpler.

All-in-one solution, without extra third-parties

SunSystems users know it is virtually impossible to find a software vendor that offers all the core companion products in a simple solution. It is therefore not unusual to have an ecosystem consisting of multiple applications from multiple suppliers.

Managing this type of environment can be fraught with compatibility and server issues, particularly during upgrades.

Furthermore, consultancy costs can also be a concern for users. This is especially true when business require multiple different consultants as a result of multiple companion products.

Sysynkt features a suite of core modules covering Procure to Pay (P2P), document automation, banking, employee expenses, sales invoicing, and Making Tax Digital (MTD). These modules all have the same look and feel and are accessible through one simple homepage.

Bring modern technology to SunSystems with Sysynkt

We all live in a world with information at our fingertips. Innovative solutions arise every day – payments via phones and smartwatches, virtual home assistants notifying you when your parcel arrives, and small devices to monitor health conditions without disruptive self-testing.

Sysynkt takes advantage of new technologies to bring your financial management up-to-date. For example, Sysynkt uses open banking API to allow users to look at bank balances, make payments, and even create standing orders from the train whilst commuting.

SunSystems does not include open banking, despite open banking being available for some time. Sysynkt rectifies this and allows you to make the most of the freedoms afforded by modern technology.

Add a cloud-based product to your SunSystems

Rather than being backwards engineered like a legacy product, Sysynkt was built from the beginning to be a cloud-based application. Traditional users maintaining in-office servers and those who have already moved to the cloud can all benefit from the software.

Sysynkt uses modern API technology to connect to the Sun database, no matter where it is located.

Once configures, all Sysynkt modules are accessible via a web browser. The software is truly device-agnostic, requiring no apps. Responsive web design means Sysynkt automatically resizes to fit your device, without detracting from the user experience.

Furthermore, being cloud-based means users no longer need to worry about complicated upgrades. Vendors automatically handle all upgrades, allowing users to focus on their own tasks.

Start using Sysynkt with SunSystems today

At BDI, we are seeing much pent-up demand from the SunSystems community to cloud-based systems. Sysynkt enables companies to do this efficiently without replacing their entire system.

Sysynkt also eliminates the usual user-based cost barrier. Now, even the most casual users of an FMS solution can take advantage of the cloud-based benefits of Sysynkt through unlimited user licenses. Instead, Sysynkt’s pricing is based on transaction volumes, so you only pay for what you use.

If you are interested in what the cloud-based Sysynkt can do for your SunSystems, then please contact one of our business experts today. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and goals in more detail and tell you more about Sysynkt.

Furthermore, why not book a ticket to one of BDI’s free webinars on specific Sysynkt functions to learn more about how Sysynkt’s modules can support and improve your organisation’s processes. For example, learn how you can bring Google AI capabilities to your invoicing procedures through Sysynkt’s procurement module. 

Sysynkt and Google AI poll your inbox to check for invoices automatically, parsing and processing documents before matching them against existing purchase orders within Sysynkt. Reduce administration time within your invoicing processes via P2P with Sysynkt, and learn more about the module via BDI’s Purchase Management webinar – tickets available below.

*Sysynkt is also compatible with other ERP solutions. If you would like further information about compatibility, please contact one of our business experts via

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