Business Systems Review

We help your organisation run more efficiently and cost-effectively through our business systems review service.

Helping your business systems run smoothly

A Business Systems Review can help show where your organisation may be getting stuck with your current systems.

Through this personalised service, BDI will look at your existing business systems and recommend areas for improvement. From here, you’ll be able to run your business more efficiently whilst also reducing cost. We work with a select group of industry professionals, many of which are experts in their field.

Avoid wasting valuable time and money on mediocre software solutions by arranging a Business Systems Review with BDI today.

Key areas of the Business Systems Review

  • Organisational value

    BDI will look at the value being delivered by your current business systems against the cost of providing them. These costs include things such as software licensing and support, hardware (including in-house, external, and cloud-based), as well as staffing costs. We then make suggestion on potential monetary benefits from investing in improving systems, processes, and reporting.

  • Business processes

    Your personal BDI business expert will discuss potential areas for improvement to your existing business processes. We'll then conduct interviews with your key stakeholders to learn more. From here, we can review your systems to measure how they are meeting current business needs and recommend improvements where necessary. The aim is to optimise your business processes through both quick changes and larger activities, allowing your organisation to run more efficiently and improve business performance.

  • Reporting software

    BDI will review reporting needs against your available data. Our business experts will make recommendations to implement data analysis and allow useful reporting. This will add significant value to the operations and planning of your organisation. Where appropriate, this will include cross-system reporting to ensure the inclusion of relevant data.

  • Hosting and security

    We will review your current security regime, including your hosting. We'll recommend any improvements to security, such as user access, whether to host your system in-house or on private/public cloud(s), or a potential mixture of all of these. We'll also check you're meeting all relevant standards and statutes, such as GDPR.

using business intelligence (bi) and financial management services (fms) software can greatly improve your organisation's decision making abilities particularly for procurement

We're confident we can solve your data problems

The BDI team are experienced with using a variety of business intelligence and FMS solutions. We draw on our existing knowledge of software solutions and our strong industry connections to find the perfect solution for our customers.

One of the ways we can support our customers is through utilising our software partners, Sharperlight and Sysynkt. Through our strong connections with these partners, we gain inside information so we can find new ways to help your organisation use your software and data for its maximum potential.

using business intelligence (bi) and financial management services (fms) software can greatly improve your organisation's decision making abilities particularly for procurement

Benefits for your organisation

Reports on findings

Delivered either as a document or as a presentation, BDI will report on the findings of the review alongside any recommendations for change. We also provide full ROI analysis.

Support for further changes

Our business experts have your organisation’s best interests at heart, and we’ll work to support you in making decisions over changes in your business systems.

Informed recommendations

Through our recommendations for changes and improvements, we’ll help you make informed and justified decisions on the next steps for your organisation.

Administrative support

We provide assistance in writing tender documents and appraisal submissions. We will also conduct research into solutions for your business needs and pain points.

Fair deals for your business systems

We’ve been there – you’ve found the perfect solution for your business and your goals, only to be quoted with an extortionate price.

That’s where BDI comes in.

Our business experts can work closely with your organisation during the process of seeking new software solutions. As BI and FMS sellers ourselves, we know what the standard profit margins are. BDI can therefore support your organisation in negotiating a better discount for your own solutions.

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Business Systems Review

Always business-led, we will work with you to improve your business performance and get better value from your systems.

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