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Feedback from the Sysynkt Product Launch

Our Sysynkt Product Launch event was the first public demo of the product since its launch. Sysynkt introduces modern technology such as open banking and a true-cloud experience to SunSystems.

"A good demo and great presentation... you have a product with great potential!"
Event attendee
Graphic announcing the preview event with Sysynkt
Image of a business woman using a computer at work.

Anonymous client, Public Sector

This UK government agency wanted to put its finance, procurement, and HR systems in the cloud. They also wanted to improve budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. By moving their systems to the cloud, users were able to take greater control of their areas of responsibility by increasing self-service for tasks and reporting.

"I missed the training but the system was so easy to use, I could still easily do everything I need to do"
User of the new cloud-based finance and HR system

The organisation has saved in excess of £1 million in running costs, as well as improving organisation decision-making and efficiency.

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