Using Data Intelligently

Data Analysis & Reporting

We find that all organisations have a lot of data, and the amount of data they have available to them never stops increasing. Yet these same organisations often struggle to get meaningful and useful information from this expanding sea of data.

At BDI we strive to help organisations get value from their data by taking an objective and benefit-led approach to identifying what data there is (both in your systems and outside). We can then help you define a programme of work to make use of this data, focussing on speed and cost effectiveness of delivering benefits to your organisation.

We are agnostic on which software tools and solutions will work for you but equally have the expertise to offer sound insight and recommendations to enable you to improve the efficiency and performance of your organisation.

Objective Setting

Before any major work is undertaken, we will sit down with you and other stakeholders to agree the objectives for the data project.

It may be you are clear on what your reporting requirements are, but often through interviews we will identify other needs.  

Data Analysis

First the data in your systems and from other sources (which could include market or demographic data for example) is analysed. This would include what data is available, how it is could be accessed and how it relates to data in other systems and sources.

Once we have identified the data and how it can be accessed, we can build the necessary routines to extract, transform and load the data ready for reporting.


Since we now have the required data ready for reporting we can build reports with you that deliver your information needs.

The tools used can be existing software already familiar to your organisation or new ones implemented as part of the project.


Modern reporting will incorporate dashboards that allow you to see short and long-term information about your business.

These can show overall performance and trends as well as highlighting items that need immediate action.


Modern businesses will have individuals who needs access to information when they’re away from the office and our projects would include deliverables that can be accessed by authorised individuals on their mobile or tablet as well as desktops or laptops.

Predictive Analytics

As organisations need to move faster, reporting should include trend analysis so you can see issues before they become problems.

This reporting works alongside our Budgeting & Forecasting services which provide what-if capabilities to model changes to your business.

Deliverables from this work will be business-focussed, value-for-money data analysis and reporting comprising one or more of standard, ad hoc, dashboard and predictive reporting.

Access to this reporting will be to authorised individuals via desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Your organisation is probably awash with data yet you may be having challenges getting information from that data. We make the data accessible so that you can report from across all your systems

Budgeting & Forecasting

Our team will help you introduce budgeting & forecasting to increase visibility of your organisation’s future, without making it a cumbersome or onerous discipline

Business Systems Review

We can help you improve your finance, HR, purchasing, logistics and sales systems. Always business-led, we will work with you to improve your business performance and get better value from your systems