Data Analysis & Reporting

Through using BDI’s Data Analysis & Reporting service, we can help you unlock the hidden power of your data.

Sharperlight's reporting capabilities bring a range of benefits to organisations in terms of data analysis and reporting

Customisable approaches to data analysis

BDI’s data analysis and reporting service helps your organisation optimise your available data. We find that all organisations have an ever-increasing amount of data available which is often underutilised. This data is also often stored in inaccurate spreadsheets.

We take a benefit and objective-led approach to identify your organisation’s available data. As a result, BDI works with your organisation to make use of this data by focusing on delivering speedy and cost-effective benefits to your organisation.

All our Excel and Web reporting packs are securely delivered, including two-factor authentication. Whether its Sharperlight or Sysynkt, we provide excellent support for your organisation.

Data analysis outcomes for your organisation

Intuitive dashboards

Modern reporting incorporates dashboards that display short and long-term information about your business. These can show overall performance and trends, as well as highlighting items that need immediate action.

Predictive analysis

We provide solutions with trend analysis reporting, so you can identify issues before they become problems. With this in mind, this reporting works alongside our budgeting and forecasting services to model ‘what if’ scenarios for your business.

Mobile optimisation

Employees in modern businesses need access to information when they’re out of office. That’s why our projects include deliverables accessible across any internet-connected device.

using business intelligence (bi) and financial management services (fms) software can greatly improve your organisation's decision making abilities particularly for procurement

Functional modules to improve your data analysis

BDI has developed a suite of traditional financial reports and modules which fit seamlessly around your existing SunSystems solution. All our reports can be deployed within traditional Excel spreadsheets through the Sharperlight Add-in. We also specialise in delivering remote reporting using existing browser tools.

Furthermore, our partnership with Sysynkt means you can access your data analysis from any internet-connected device thanks to its responsive web design. Easily access your organisation’s spending and budgets from anywhere.

using business intelligence (bi) and financial management services (fms) software can greatly improve your organisation's decision making abilities particularly for procurement

The data analysis & reporting process

sysynkt's responsive web design means it's business intelligence can be used on any internet connected device for procurement

Streamlined data analysis with Sysynkt

Sysynkt leverages a range of modern technology to enhance the data analysis process. API connections with other software such as SalesForce and HubSpot to pull analysis in to one centralised location.

Google AI invoice processing also reduces team admin time, automatically parsing documents and matching invoices against existing purchase orders.

Gain clear insight into your oranisation’s important financial data from one simple software solution, through Sysynkt.

BDI's other services

Data Analysis & Reporting

We make your organisation's data more accessible, allowing you to generate reports across all your systems.

Budgeting & Forecasting

BDI can help to identify and implement the most appropriate budgeting and forecasting tools for your organisation.

Business Systems Review

Always business-led, we will work with you to improve your business performance and get better value from your systems.