Sysynkt is an Extended Finance Management System, offering intelligent & intuitive modules built for the modern finance office.

A cloud-based Sun revolution

Sysynkt is an innovative new piece of software which revolutionises the day-to-day use of SunSystems. The team at Sysynkt have worked with SunSystems in various capacities for many years, and are therefore aware of the challenges faced by users.

From the start, the team set out to address core issues which detract from the overall SunSystems user experience. As a result, Sysynkt provides a modern UI with modern technology, all based in the cloud.

Sysynkt removes the need for multiple companion products within SunSystems, creating a succinct experience. See how the software can improve how your organisation uses Sun today.

sysynkt's responsive web design means it's business intelligence can be used on any internet connected device for procurement

Key Features of Sysynkt

Open Banking

SunSystems does not natively include open banking technology. However, Sysynkt adds this functionality, allowing you to connect directly with your bank to pay suppliers, check balances, and perform reconciliations Рall without needing to be in the office.

Procure to Pay

Sysynkt’s P2P module is an end-to-end solution, capable of managing the full spectrum of buying frameworks. Leveraging connections with Companies House and Google AI, Sysynkt streamlines the invoice creation and matching process, reducing manual admin time.

Expenses Management

Easily manage day-to-day costs via the Expenses module. Users can scan receipts for instant submission, or build up a batch to submit in bulk. Once submitted, Sysynkt uses the same approval engine as the P2P module to support the sign-off process.

See Sysynkt in action

Sysynkt has a range of innovative features to help bring your business operations up to date.

BDI ran an online webinar to preview some of the most important and exciting features of the software. If you are interested in any of the features included within this demo, or with the Beta Programme, then please contact one of our business experts for more information.

sysynkt is a practical solution that can be used for procurement on any internet connected device

Introduce Sun to the Cloud

Sysynkt provides a real alternative to traditional hosting through its hybrid-cloud option.

The software uses API technology in SunSystems to connect to the Sun database, which is then used across both applications. As a result, Sysynkt becomes the main interface for accessing 95% of SunSystems’ functionality.

Furthermore, the software’s responsive web design means that you can access this information from any internet connected device, without losing any of the functionality.

For companies wanting to keep their applications in-house but with the added flexibility to work anywhere, this provides the ideal solution.

Sysynkt desktop dashboard

Enhanced functionality

As technology develops, so do our expectations for software. That’s why so many SunSystems users resort to multiple ERP providers in order to meet their growing needs.

However, Sysynkt removes this unnecessary complication by providing a range of enhanced modules within one simple solution. These modules cover the most popular SunSystems companion products, including procurement and invoice processing.

As well as providing a consistent look and feel, Sysynkt’s modules were developed from the beginning to include modern operating methods, rather than being backwards engineered.

Sysynkt desktop dashboard

Continued development

The first release of Sysynkt gives users of SunSystems a real alternative to the pick and mix approach currently available to build a system capable of meeting the requirements of the business.

This is only the start.

The Sysynkt platform is going from strength to strength on a daily basis as more users adopt the platform and supercharge their SunSystems.

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Frequently asked questions

Sysynkt functions via hooking into FSC connectors. As long as these connectors are available in your version of Sun, then the software should work. This includes versions of Sun hosted on private cloud services by other organisations.

As version 7 has not been released, with no clear information about when it will become available and what features will be included, BDI cannot make any definite statements. Until this product is released, nothing can be said for certain.

Pricing is ultimately decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on usage and an organisation’s needs. BDI conducts a consultation with key stakeholders in an organisation, establishing what modules are required in order to complete business processes.

On a basic level, unlimited user licences are available for modules, meaning any size organisation can take advantage of Sysynkt’s benefits. A consumed transaction basis ensures your organisation will only ever pay for what you need.

We like to compare it to a mobile phone contract – if you only need a small number of transaction, then that is what you pay for.

All modules are priced individually, and Sysynkt is sold on an SaaS basis. This means that if your organisation only wants access to one module, then you buy access to that single module.

No, this is not necessary. Purchasing, requisitioning, and invoicing are native to Sysynkt, and all held within the software. There is no need to have these modules in Sun.

Sysynkt is FCA authorised. This means it has gone through a technical process with the Financial Conduct Authority, validating the business, processes, and systems.

Sysynkt connects directly with the banks via their open banking API. More information about this can be found on the BDI blog.

Technically, both. The data is stored internally within Sysynkt, but it is actually pulled from Sun.

Dimensions analysis is stored within Sysynkt, and these dimensions are pulled from SunSystems. Sysynkt connects directly with Sun using FSC.

Furthermore, systems such as HubSpot that use APIs can connect with Sysynkt, and this information can then be used as additional dimensions.

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