Using Data Intelligently

Business Systems Review

BDI’s Business System Review service will look at your existing business systems and make recommendations for improvements, allowing you to run your business more efficiently whilst reducing cost.

Organisational Value

Organisations often struggle to get maximum value from their business systems so we look at the value being delivered by your business systems and the costs of providing them.

Under “costs”, we would include things such as software licensing and support, hardware (in-house, external, cloud), as well as staff and other costs.

On the other side of this equation, we look at the business value being derived from these systems and what potential monetary benefits there might be following investment in improving systems, processes and reporting.

Business Processes

Firstly we will speak to you to establish what you see as potential areas for improvement to business processes, and follow this by conducting interviews with the key stakeholders.

Once we have this feedback, we can review how your systems are meeting business need and make recommendations for improvements – a mixture of “quick wins” and larger activities.

The aim is to optimise your business processes so that you are able to run more efficiently and improve business performance.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Most organisations are not getting good value from a key asset – data being held in business systems.

We will review reporting needs against available data and make recommendations to implement data analysis to allow useful reporting to be delivered, adding significant value to the operations and planning of your organisation.

This will include cross-system reporting where appropriate.

Hosting & Security

We will review your current security regime, including hosting and make recommendations on improvements to security, user access and whether to consider a move to host your systems in-house, or on private cloud(s) or public cloud(s), or a mixture of these approaches.

In addition, we can ensure you are meeting all relevant standards and statutes such as GDPR.

The deliverables from these activities will include a report and/or presentation on the findings of the review, which will include recommendations on changes and investments that can be considered.

This document will focus on quantifiable and other business benefits, helping you make an informed decision on any proposed changes.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Your organisation is probably awash with data yet you may be having challenges getting information from that data. We make the data accessible so that you can report from across all your systems

Budgeting & Forecasting

Our team will help you introduce budgeting & forecasting to increase visibility of your organisation’s future, without making it a cumbersome or onerous discipline

Business Systems Review

We can help you improve your finance, HR, purchasing, logistics and sales systems. Always business-led, we will work with you to improve your business performance and get better value from your systems