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Simple solutions for complex problems

Whether you’re a small organisation looking to better manage your employee expense claims, or a large multi-user corporation seeking maverick spend control in procurement, BDI can certainly find the right business intelligence solution for you.

We’re proud of our commitment to undoubtedly beneficial software solutions. BDI’s business experts work particularly closely with key stakeholders in your business to customise your chosen BI or FMS solution to meet your overarching goals.

Our solutions are quickly configured and implemented for rapid return on investment. Be it cloud-based FMS with Sysynkt, dashboard reporting across your organisation with Sharperlight, or a review of your existing business systems, start using data intelligently with BDI today.

Why choose BDI for business intelligence?

Partnered with industry leaders

BDI is proudly partnered with a range of business intelligence software heavyweights, including Sharperlight. We are also the first UK channel partner of Sysynkt, an innovative cloud FMS.

Experienced BI professionals

Our business intelligence experts have 20+ years of experience in the field. They'll work closely with your organisation to find the best solution to your needs.

Personalised solutions for your business

At BDI, we know that every organisation is different. That's why one of our BI experts will be personally assigned to your organisation in order to provide the most appropriate solutions.

Update your business processes with BDI & Sysynkt

As technology continues to advance, there’s no reason why your business should be left behind.

BDI is proudly partnered with Sysynkt, an innovative new cloud FMS solution. Sysynkt was explicitly designed from the ground up using the latest technology to deliver a user experience that we expect from modern software,

Sysynkt introduces true cloud procurement & expenses, live open banking, automated invoice capture through Google AI, sales invoicing, MTD, and fully-customisable workflows. All of these features are provided through APIs, without the need for new infrastructure unlike other software.

Key features in Sysynkt

The team behind Sysynkt know the issues faced by SunSystems users and administrators. Whether this is day-to-day operational problems, overhead management, or lack of cloud migration strategy, Sysynkt’s team have dealt with it before. That’s why they therefore developed Sysynkt to overcome it.

  • Eliminate third-party applications

    Sysynkt has a suite of core modules covering P2P, document automation, banking, employee expenses, sales invoicing, and MTD. Available through one simple homepage, Sysynkt therefore removes the need for multiple companion products

  • Modern technology

    We undoubtedly live in a world where we have information at our fingertips. Sysynkt thus takes advantage of this technology, introducing live open banking and responsive web design to FMS.

  • Born in the cloud

    Rather than being backwards engineered, Sysynkt was developed from the start to incorporate cloud-based technology.

sysynkt is a practical solution that can be used for procurement on any internet connected device

How BDI helps

Low-cost business intelligence solutions, high-quality service

BDI services are offered through a fixed-price methodology, covering all consulting and project management costs also. This therefore allows us to deliver projects efficiently, without the risk of unnecessary additional fees.

Typically, projects cost 20% less when delivered by BDI.

With BDI and Sysynkt, your organisation will only pay for the modules you need on a transaction basis. We like to think of it in this situation like a mobile phone contract – you only pay for the bundle you need.

Strong industry relationships for strong solutions

We are undeniably proud of our close partnerships with BI and FMS industry leaders and innovators, including Sharperlight and Sysynkt. BDI is also the first UK channel partner for Sysynkt, an innovative cloud FMS solution.

Our work with these partners therefore helps us to find the most appropriate solutions to your data problems. But don’t worry – we keep an open-mind with each of our customers to provide each organisation with the solution that works best for them and their procurement needs.

Maximise your use of business data

Whether your organisation is already using SunSystems or another form of business intelligence software, BDI has a service for you.

  • Budgeting & Forecasting Modules

    Whilst spreadsheets may be the easiest solution to budgeting, they can also be difficult to maintain. Introducing FMS solutions such as Sysynkt reduces errors and increases productivity

  • Business Systems Review

    With our Business Systems Review, BDI can recommend improvements to help you run your business more efficiently and therefore cost-effectively. Above all, BDI ensures you have the right tools to lead your organisation effectively.

  • Data Analysis & Reporting Packs

    With our functional modules, users are provided with remote system management opportunities. All our Excel and Web reporting packs are secure, including two-factor authentication for example.

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