Sharperlight is a highly-flexible and low maintenance business intelligence and enterprise reporting platform. 

Sharperlight helps you access data easily

Sharperlight provides reporting for the whole organisation, not just the finance team. It offers a unique option with the ability for reports to sit over SunSystems and other business systems, giving each user a complete picture.

End-user friendly, Sharperlight lets you quickly create and edit reports, without an expert consultant or an IT team. As well as team training, Sharperlight offers a how-to-guide and many training videos, helping users get the most from the platform.

Access to data is critical for businesses to make informed decisions, and cloud-based solutions can sometimes create challenges in this area. However, our partnership with Sharperlight is an excellent solution to this problem.

By utilising the latest web technology, Sharperlight can access the cloud-based database of a business’s financial system or any other application in the cloud. This means that businesses can combine data from multiple sources to generate meaningful reports and dashboards, which can then be distributed to stakeholders across the organization quickly and easily.

With Sharperlight, businesses can overcome the potential data access issues of a cloud-based ecosystem and continue to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Key Benefits of Sharperlight

Increased accuracy

The ability to quickly and easily report from multiple databases allows more accurate information to be gathered.

Enhanced decision-making

The increased accuracy achieved through greater achieved through greater visibility of data allows better business decisions to be made. Previously inaccessible data can be viewed by users through drilling down into source data.

Quick implementation

Despite the potential complexities of integration with existing business systems, implementation of Sharperlight is quick and effortless.

More proactive employees

Days are saved in report writing through seamless automatic data uploads into a finance system. Employees therefore have more free time for value-adding activities, such as quality checking.

Save time and money

Sharperlight runs on top of a moderate-sized SQL server, and can often return complex data queries from searching many files faster than large-scale production servers, such as Oracle.

Customise and control your reports

Sharperlight can create both visual data representations and report listings, depending on your preferences. These reports can be designed through Excel or directly within the web application, and instantly published online.

Security controls for reports ensure users only see the data relevant to them. Users who hold certain permissions can amend the selection criteria and re-run reports, or drill to see underlying data.

Web dashboards are also supported, allowing users to interact with data in a single view. Your team can view a quick picture of how your organisation is performing according to multiple data sources or systems.

Live reporting via Excel

Using the Sharperlight Excel Add-in allows easy access to the Query Builder and a drilldown data explorer. These queries are anchored in worksheets, using formulas created through the Query Builder. Full support is provided in formulas for cell referencing and automatic recalculation, so results will refresh as filters change.

You can design the visuals of your report using Excel’s own formatting functions. Reports can also be summarised at any level, or provide you with detailed listings, with the added ability to drill to view underlying or related data.

Sharperlight is compatible with all the latest versions of Excel, including Microsoft Office 365 and 64-bit Excel, with quick updates available.

Report across multiple systems

One of Sharperlight’s most powerful functions is the ability to report over multiple data sources. These include SunSystems, custom connections, or one of the 50 standard data models available. Sharperlight can sit over most standard databases, including but not limited to Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Access, Firebird, and MySQL.

Sharperlight’s reporting speed can help your organisation make data-driven decisions, accelerating growth and profitability. BDI’s team of business experts would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Sharperlight can help with your reporting requirements. Let’s start your data journey today.