Budgeting & Forecasting

Providing budgeting and forecasting software solutions in order to aid auditability.

Providing reliable budgeting and forecasting solutions

Whilst many organisations manage their budgeting through spreadsheets, this is not the best way to manage budgets.

Through BDI’s help, your organisation can introduce budgeting and forecasting technologies in order to help produce more accurate and manageable budgeting data. In fact, modern BI tools can be used by any organisation to regfine your budgeting systems.

We are partnered with a range of BI software developers, helping us provide the best possible service for our customers.

Budgeting and forecasting service outcomes for your organisation

Implemented software

When you choose BDI, your assigned business intelligence expert will help you to select and implement the best software for your organisation’s needs. 

Fully-working business model

As a result of implementing a working business model, you’ll be able to plan for future events by applying ‘what if’ scenarios.

Trained end users

From budget owners through to more general employees, we’ll train your organisation’s staff so that anyone will be able to use the reporting tools and make intelligent business decisions.

Streamlined budget reports with Sharperlight

Make stronger decisions more quickly as a result of implementing Sharperlight in your organisation. Sharperlight is a highly-flexible and low maintenance business intelligence and enterprise reporting platform. BDI is therefore proud to work with Sharperlight as one of our options for our customers.

Sharperlight’s out-of-the-box reporting tools help users quickly generate important reports. These reports can be generated both online or through the Excel add-in using live and updated data, therefore allowing maximum user customisation.

sysynkt's responsive web design means it's business intelligence can be used on any internet connected device for procurement

See company spending from anywhere with Sysynkt

Sysynkt’s true cloud capabilities means all employees and stakeholders can monitor spending and invoices from any internet-connected device. Available on an SaaS basis with unlimited user licences, now every member of your team can take advantage of open banking and streamlined expenses claims.

As a result of embracing API technology, Sysynkt can also pull data from other sources such as HubSpot and SalesForce to provide a clear view of finances.

sysynkt's responsive web design means it's business intelligence can be used on any internet connected device for procurement

The budgeting & forecasting service process

  • Business modelling

    One of our experts will be personally appointed to your business to create models of your organisation's components. This includes understanding your dependencies and assumptions to allow for more accurate budgets and forecasts. You'll also be able to create 'what if' scenarios to model potential changes.

  • Engaging budget owners

    It's critical that budget owners are engaged at an early stage, because they are expected to submit returns and estimate future performance and needs. Using modern BI tools and reaching out to different parts of your business creates a co-operative and informative budgeeting process.

  • Picking the right tool

    There are many budgeting and forecasting tools on the market. With this in mind, BDI will work with you to pick the tool that offers the best value for your organisation and meets your needs. Through our partnerships with leading software providers, we can also help obtain this tool at the best possible price.

  • Implementing, training, and going live

    Your assigned BDI business expert will work with your organisation to build a model, as well as train all users in how to use it. We'll then roll the tool out, monitoring its performance and usefulness against your business objectives.

  • Review and feedback

    Once a couple of budgeting and forecasting cycles have passed, BDI will review the effectiveness of the chosen solution. We'll also make recommendations for any improvements, if required, ensuring you get the best results for your objectives.

Tailored support for your organisation's needs

Our Budgeting and Forecasting pack provides templates for generating, populating, and approving annual budgets. BDI also offers a number of configurable elements for further enhancing the budgeting process.

The budgeting software solutions that BDI offers are fully customisable and can be configured to support your organisation’s processes. For example, Sysynkt includes a graphic workflow matrix, allowing organisations to plot the approval workflow and customise employee claims in a streamlined manner.

From large conglomerate organisations to small charities, and everyone in between, BDI has an affordable budgeting and forecasting solution to help.

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