Meet our team

Lee Robbins

Managing Director

Lee began his career in the early 90s as an end user of SunSystems, a new upstart. Teaching himself the finer configuration options during this early career period concluded with him implementing SunSystems for his employers and saving them a significant implementation cost. He then went on to a successful 17-year career as a Senior SunSystems Application Consultant culminating before spending 9 years at Infor, the world’s 3rd largest privately owned software company. During this time, he was exposed to a wide range of industry-leading business software applications and innovative solution building.

Lee has built up a customer-focused empathy following those early years as an end user and his work as a consultant at numerous companies around the world with Infor. He has also worked with Sapphire Systems, where he was the Global Head of FMS and Business Intelligence practices.

He is now combining customer empathy, specialist product knowledge, and project delivery expertise to provide powerful enterprise-level BI, Analytical, and Planning software solutions, using industry-leading software applications. ‘Using data intelligently’ has become a mantra he wants all businesses to embrace, and is partnering with them to exploit the Intellectual Property buried within their existing systems.

Nick Simpson

Sales & Marketing Director

Nick Simpson is an experienced sales professional with over 23 years of experience in helping clients improve their business processes by implementing the right software. His sales journey began by working for a Sage Reseller after a couple of years working in the investment division of Barclays. Nick’s background in telesales means he can confidently say he’s seen it all.

After 10 years of working in the Sage world, Nick moved to Access to experience the direct sales model. From here, he moved to Advanced Computer Software so he could be involved with larger projects. After a couple of years working with Advanced, Nick decided to move back to the reseller world to work with SunSystems and SAP BYD.

Nick has worked with many types of organisations over the years but has most recently worked with more finance-focused teams in the Not-for-Profit, Insurance, and Professional Services sectors.

Outside of work, Nick can be found clay pigeon shooting, cooking, or enjoying motorsport.

Alex Ventura

Sales Director

Alex Ventura joined Infor in 2010 to head up the new business development of our world class SunSystems product range of financial business software and since taking up this role has assisted in the promotion of Infor as an alternative solutions provider where previously Infor were not.

With over 40+ years’ experience in the supply and implementation of financial business solutions, 30 of them involved with SunSystems, Alex has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that has resulted in helping a vast number of leading world class organisations to gain the upmost value from their financial business systems and their IT Transformations.

Alex is a Fellow of the Sales & Marketing Institute, an affiliate to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and a former long term council member of HOSPA (formerly the British Association of Hospitality Accountants).  His articles and white papers on areas surrounding supplier management, system integration, financial reporting and financial solutions have been recognised reading by a number of professional associations and in some instances published in leading industry publications.

A proven communicator, Alex cares about the customer and user experience. With his practical expertise, he is passionate about helping organisations maximise the potential of their business data.

David Stead

Finance Director

David Stead is a Finance Director servicing SMEs on a freelance basis through his business, Foxtrot Delta Limited. He provides business guidance during their growth phases, fundraising, or support during the due diligence process of a sale or acquisition. His current clients include the film sales agency Rocket Science, helping the business grow from start-up in 2016 to be a profitable and established player in the independent film market. He leads all the financial aspects of the business, including budgets, management reporting, shareholder presentations and film modelling. Other clients include the talent agency Rommelle Swire, and the start-up fashion brand Sibling Rivalry.

He has 25 years of experience in the media industry, most recently working with the Oscar-winner Jeremy Thomas’ Hanway Films and the production company Recorded Picture Company. Prior to that, David held financial responsibility for projects involving David and Victoria Beckham, Andy Murray, Claudia Schiffer, and Roland Mouret. He has also led the finance at Freedom Media, and was general manager at Parallel Media Group, a sports event promoter and TV sport content provider.

David is a qualified Chartered Accountant with Deloitte as well as a Chartered Tax Advisor. He obtained an MBA from Cranfield in 2011.