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If you are looking to improve your business intelligence strategy, but are uncertain where to start, BDI can help. Our business experts would welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation’s needs and help point you in the right direction. We are proud of our ability to provide excellent personalised service at a fair price.

BDI also has a range of accessible solutions and tips across a variety of BI topics. These are available in the form of blog posts, downloadable eBooks, and webinars

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free sysynkt ebook in use

Download your free eBook: Sysynkt - A Brief Introduction

Find out more about Sysynkt’s features and learn how you can revolutionise your BI strategy today.


The Summer Of Sysynkt

This past summer, BDI published a series of in-depth demos of specific Sysynkt features. Contact us to view recorded webinar contact and learn more about how your organisation can benefit from purchase management, expenses management, and open banking functionality more generally, as well as how Sysynkt offers these features in an affordable and convenient software solution.

expenses management is one of the focus topics of the new fms webinar series from bdi
open banking is one of the focus points of the new bdi fms webinar series
bdi has added a new purchase management webinar to meet increased demand

Watch the Sysynkt Product Launch on YouTube

On Thursday 20th May 2021, BDI Director Lee Robbins and Sysynkt Founder Karl Kalamäe presented a preview of an innovative new cloud-based financial management system.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn more about Sysynkt’s key features.

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