Automate Your Business Process Management With SunSystems

SunSystems is a flexible financial management system that can automate your business process management. The software enables users to perform multiple financial and accounting functions, regardless of an organisation’s industry.

Sun’s automation of business processes includes streamlining tasks and increasing team efficiency, therefore offering a range of wider benefits. In this guide, BDI takes you through six of the most convenient business processes that are managed through SunSystems.

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Save time producing statutory and management reports

SunSystems empowers organisations to manage all aspects of their finances. This includes the ability to access and analyse multiple ledger data in one place, and prepare tailored financial and management reports without the need for manually manipulating your data.

Furthermore, Sun gives users the ability to access all financial and accounting information from multiple GAAP standards to IFRS standards instantaneously. This in turn allows your team to make effective data-driven decisions.

Control costs through purchase management

Sun delivers easy-to-use tools so users can analyse and report on various purchasing data. This helps organisations manage and streamline their purchasing processes.

Whether it is managing supplier information, controlling procurement activities, or maintaining oversight on all purchase orders, Sun provides visibility and control of your expenses.

Accurately track and depreciate your fixed assets

Typically, not all assets appear in financial statements. This applies to both tangible and intangible assets. However, they usually contribute in some form to your company’s profitability.

Within SunSystems, fixed assets are manageable. Once posted, all asset transactions (along with depreciation, disposal, and associate acquisition to name a few) appear in a unified ledger. These assets are then instantly visible on the register, balance sheet accounts, and profit and loss accounts.

SunSystems lets you value and depreciate assets using different depreciation methods in multiple currencies. Calculations are based on separate book value and asset life details.

Streamline and optimise sales and orders

The sales module within Sun includes functionality for sales, order, and distribution operations. It also supports sales invoicing, quotations, and the ability to create product pricing for specific customers.

Users can also manage customer information and generate reports for effective sales management.

For example, Sun users can analyse sales invoices, returned goods, and sales orders by item or transactions.

Spread costs and revenue across companies and cost centres

Sun streamlines intercompany posting and the spread of revenue or costs across entities. In fact, Sun can automate this process.

Users can also allocate charges and revenue across accounts, periods, analysis codes, and legal entities.

The Corporate Allocations module within the software lets you split or reassign expenses and revenue. Calculations are based on predefined criteria such as headcount, floor space, or another ratio. The resulting splits can be either posted automatically or held for reporting purposes.

Sun’s intercompany accounting capabilities maintain a level of consistency when comparing financial information across different companies.

Integrate SunSystems with other business systems

SunSystems can easily integrate with other business systems your team already uses. This includes CRM, HR, banking, billing, and payroll services to name a few. Sun operates seamlessly with these external services, executing business process management, workflows, and alerts from a centralised location.

Furthermore, Sun is also able to integrate data from across your organisation, resulting in a unified platform for businesses.

Systems such as Sysynkt can also be applied over the top of Sun, further extending its functionality. Sysynkt supercharges your organisation’s operations by introducing modern technology such as open banking and AI invoicing from within a true cloud-based platform, therefore helping raise your SunSystems to a whole new level.


SunSystems is powerful and offers comprehensive support for financial and accounting processes. When combined with external third-party tools, such as Sysynkt, this functionality is further increased to truly supercharge your team’s experience and operations.

To make the most of Sun’s functions, you need the right SunSystems partner. Contact one of our business experts today to discuss the best way Sun and Sysynkt can help your business process management.

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