Join BDI For The Summer Of Sysynkt – Free FMS Webinar

BDI is proud to announce our newest webinar series for the FMS solution, Sysynkt: The Summer Of Sysynkt. Join our business experts for some deep dives into specific Sysynkt features and learn how the software can support your organisation’s goals as a result.

Whether you’re a large multi-national company spanning multiple territories, a small charity with three employees, or any size company in-between, we are sure Sysynkt contains features that can benefit your financial activities.

Keep reading to learn more about the events included within The Summer Of Sysynkt, and join us for our FMS webinar series.

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What is Sysynkt?

Sysynkt is an innovative new cloud FMS solution, designed to optimise the potential of modern technology. A true cloud experience, Sysynkt therefore provides users with access to financial data from any internet-connected device. Responsive web design also means that you will not miss out on any functionality when away from a desktop.

In terms of function, Sysynkt sits above your existing SunSystems* to provide added features to your operations. Modules that would previously be provided by a range of consultants and third-party applications are instead provided within Sysynkt. As a result, Sysynkt forms a cost-effective and efficient solution to limitations within the SunSystems product.

The core objectives of Sysynkt are:

Events in The Summer Of Sysynkt

As part of The Summer Of Sysynkt, BDI is running a series of webinar events to demonstrate the capabilities of this FMS solution. During our previous Sysynkt events, we have received very positive feedback on the features demonstrated. That’s why we wanted to show them off in more detail. At BDI, we believe that Sysynkt is a very promising and innovative FMS solution, and therefore we want to show as many people as possible what it can do through a more detailed webinar series.

The Summer Of Sysynkt focuses on three key features within Sysynkt: Purchase Management, Expenses Management, and Open Banking functionality.

Purchase Management, 13th August

A deep dive into how your organisation can take control of maverick spending through implementing purchase management systems.

Covering such topics as:

Expenses Management, 18th August

A practical introduction to streamlining your expenses management process, without an expensive BI upgrade.

Including an exploration of:

Open Banking, 25th August

Learn how your organisation can harness the power of open banking with BDI. Easily bring open banking technology to your organisation as a result of implementing Sysynkt.

Providing an overview of:

Start your journey with BDI and Sysynkt today

If you have any questions about Sysynkt that you would like answered before our webinars, then please get in touch with one of our business experts. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the software in more detail with you, as well as whether it is suitable for use within your organisation.

*Sysynkt can also operate with other BI and ERP software, as it is device agnostic. As long as the FSC connectors are accessible, Sysynkt can connect to your software.