BDI Announces New Partnership with Sysynkt

BDI is excited to announce a new partnership with Sysynkt, an exciting new cloud-based Extended Financial Management System (XFMS).

Designed for the SunSystems community, Sysynkt undoubtedly provides a real alternative to hosting without exorbitant costs. Additional functionality is also provided through Sysynkt’s modern technology. The Sysynkt platform therefore has the potential to replace the myriad of third-party products typically added to SunSystems to meet the day-to-day needs of many business users.

Not only does Sysynkt simplify the technology landscape, but it could also reduce business costs.

To demonstrate the business benefits of Sysynkt, Lee Robbins (Director of BDI) ran a webinar on Thursday 20th May with Sysynkt’s founder, Kalev Kalamae. This webinar was recorded, and can be found on our YouTube channel accordingly.

How Sysynkt can transform your business operations

Sysynkt provides a range of business benefits through its markedly innovative features. These include:

  • Cloud availability

    Sysynkt's API technology allows access to 95% of SunSystem's functionality through the cloud.

  • Enhanced Functionality

    As a result of offering a range of enhanced modules covering the most popular SunSystems companion products, Sysynkt extends the functionality of Sun to bring it up to date.

  • Procure to Pay (P2P)

    An end-to-end solution certainly capable of managing the full spectrum of buying frameworks.

  • Expenses

    Receipts can be scanned or entered manually and submitted through an approval engine to support the sign-off process.

  • Open Banking Functionality

    Connect with your bank to pay suppliers, check balances, and perform reconciliations without needing to go into the office.

  • Continued Development

    Plans are already in place for an MTD module, as well as introducing core SunSystems functionality to remove the need to access the core system for anything other than admin.

  • Reduced costs

    Sold on an SAAS basis, you only pay for the modules you use. We also offer fair pricing that enables any company to take advantage of Sysynkt.

someone using sysynkt to manage their expenses

Watch the Sysynkt and BDI partnership launch

To see Sysynkt and the BDI partnership in action, a recording of our latest preview session can be found on our YouTube channel.

For further information, please contact one of our team. We would welcome the opportunity to specifically discuss your organisation’s needs and find the perfect solution for your business goals.

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