BDI Solutions for your SunSystems Problems

Do your SunSystems projects and upgrades cost too much? The answer is probably yes.

Here at BDI, we take a different approach to delivering projects. Our fixed-price methodology covers all consulting and project management costs. This allows us to deliver projects efficiently, without the risk of unnecessary additional fees for our customers. Typically, projects cost 20% less when delivered by BDI.

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have worked with SunSystems and its companion products for many years.  We have built the foundation of our business on successful customer engagement.  If you feel that the level of support from your SunSystems partner is not what you expect, then contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how we make a difference.

Practical solutions to data problems

As well as providing high levels of satisfaction with our service delivery, we also specialise in practical, easy-to-implement tools. These tools enhance the use of your ERP product using modern, 64-bit, remote-enabled software. If you are an Infor Q&A (Vision) user, you will be excited by our Sharperlight product which builds on the common Q&A interface to deliver a suite of financial reports in both Excel and browser software.

At BDI, we have noticed a significant transition to remote-working. That is why we developed a range of tools allowing data management and transactional entry to be completed using secure browser interfaces. This also includes a full approval process. The supplier and customer web portals allow your partners access to their static data, which they can update directly, and also see KPI dashboard-style reports specifically tailored for them.

You may also be excited by our budgeting and forecasting module. We support remote management of the budgeting cycle including direct data loads from familiar Excel workbooks, as well as online form submission. Our module supports multiple versions and scenario planning. As the budgeting cycle moves forward, we have online tools that allow refinements to be made, including an approval workflow. These tools enhance the accuracy and timeliness of financial forecasting and planning.

Providing cost-effective solutions for SunSystems projects

Let’s begin the journey of helping your business. Find out how BDI can help with the cost of your SunSystems projects today.

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