How to Find the Right SunSystems Partner

SunSystems is a flexible financial management system (FMS) that streamlines financial processes for faster and confident decisions. Whilst the software itself offers a lot of benefits, it is important to choose the right partner for your organisation. The right SunSystems partner can competently customise and implement the software to meet your needs and provide support for issues.

Choosing the right partner to join your organisation is an important step in implementing a BI and financial management strategy. The decision can also support your organisation’s long-term success.

Read on for 5 questions to ask when choosing a SunSystems partner:

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What would the cost be?

SunSystems themselves define the base price for the software. However, the price differs between organisations depending on the number of acquired modules and licences.

Working with a SunSystems partner can also incur further costs. Examples of these costs include implementation, project management, customisation, application consultancy, data conversion, cloud hosting, data migration, etc.

An ideal SunSystems provider offers a fixed-price methodology to avoid any hidden extra costs from using services, such as consultancy. If a potential, or even an existing partner, is quoting unreasonable fees, you should consider the possibility of choosing a different partner.

What is their depth of experience?

How long has the provider worked with SunSystems? Has the provider achieved positive outcomes for their clients? Do some research into the provider to learn about their level of experience. Reach out to their team to ask questions about their previous work.

Choosing a partner with several years in industry provides access to a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. This provides not only a smooth transition into using SunSystems within your organisation. Furthermore, your team can receive a confident level of support to reach out to if something goes wrong.

Also, do not write off a potential partner just because their business is newly established. Research into the individual team members, who may have history with Sun beyond their current workplace.

How much support would this SunSystems partner provide?

When using a comprehensive accounting package, such as SunSystems, it is not uncommon for users to run into difficulty. After all, Sun is a highly customisable tool. It is therefore important that your partner offers high quality business and technical support to implement the tools, customise it, and keep it running well.

This point is particularly important for any organisation changing from paper-based systems to digital systems, in order to avoid errors. Furthermore, organisations who have used an accounting system before, but are new to SunSystems, need easy access to a support team so they can easily receive answers to questions.

What industry-specific experience do they have?

SunSystems is highly customisable for any industry, making it a flexible choice for a variety of organisations. Multiple software pack options further customise the software, providing many integration capabilities.

The more experienced your SunSystems partner is, the more opportunities become available for flexible customisation. An experienced SunSystems partner will highlight implementation and customisation options to optimise the tool for your business needs.

Can the SunSystems partner confer their knowledge easily?

Not every employee is technically minded or finds it easy to pick up new software. It is therefore important your chosen SunSystems partner can easily confer their knowledge to your team.

A partner that offers training sessions to your team before the software goes live, as well as providing support afterwards, will create a more positive experience for your organisation. Look for a partner whose team is experienced in teaching SunSystems to others and are engaged with industry developments. These partners will be naturally curious and constantly learning. They will therefore be able to provide the latest knowledge and solutions to your team when they need it.


The decision of choosing a SunSystems partner should not be taken lightly. Your organisation needs a reliable and experienced partner, capable of helping your organisation unlock the benefits of implementing SunSystems. To access the benefits of improved efficiency, greater revenue, and reduced costs (alongside a positive experience), your SunSystems partner should have your organisation’s best interests at heart.

Luckily, BDI can offer all these benefits and more. BDI’s team of business experts have many years’ experience in SunSystems, and offer fixed-price consulting and project management costs. Our business is built on successful customer engagement. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation’s needs.

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