BDI Forms Sharperlight Partnership

BDI today announces a new strategic partnership with industry-leading BI software author, Sharperlight.

Sharperlight is a proven reporting solution with over 500 satisfied customers using innovative technology with a familiar interface. Users have the ability to write graphically-rich reports for distribution on spreadsheets, web browsers, phones, and tablets.

Its 64-bit architecture and modern reporting engine allows aggregated data from a single source finance package as well as companion products.  The ability to view data through its full life cycle across multiple sources in particular raises Sharperlight above comparable products.

BDI’s Non-Executive Director, Rob Gibney [formerly Oracle Sales Director], says “our partnership with Sharperlight is very exciting as it has the effect of reinforcing our company mantra, Using Data Intelligently, while also giving our customers the ability to generate key financial reports across multiple sources… but also recognising customers’ requirements to keep within the familiar interface of existing tools”.

Providing a positive user experience through Sharperlight

User experience is at the core of Sharperlight. For example, a lot of development time is around the customers’ ability to be self-sufficient. Many modern tools require a small army of consultants at huge expense to offer even the most basic of outputs.

Managing Director, Lee Robbins, went on to say: “BDI has many years’ experience working with Infor SunSystems and its reporting tool Q&A (Vision). Sharperlight finally gives customers the ability to replace an aging tool with a modern 64-bit compatible tool. It uses a familiar interface yet introduces new features like reporting on iPads, mobile phones and internet pages. Users find the ease they expect, whilst the day to day interaction with spreadsheets are still at its core.  If you’re a user of Infor Q&A you need to see this product. It will amaze you like it amazed me. SunSystems users can benefit from the latest software versions, as well as having an improved reporting capability. This also includes 64-bit Microsoft Office.

“In addition to day-to-day reporting Sharperlight technology allows users to bring alive their Power BI implementations. Modern BI tools, while promising to deliver graphically-rich reports (which they achieve wonderfully), can be too complicated for the typical user. Businesses therefore often feel their investment was not fulfilled. If that sounds like your company’s experience let BDI help realise your full investment.”

“A tremendous asset”

Sharperlight has a rich library comprising off-the-shelf data models that allows customers to start writing reports immediately. These tools are deployed in-house, via the web, or on mobiles and tablets.

Sharperlight CEO, Matt Fletcher, gives his insight. “We are excited to be working with Lee and the team at BDI. Their Domain Knowledge and experience is a tremendous asset. Together our ambition is to deliver outstanding customer service and advanced capability with the Sharperlight framework.

“BDI commit to linking SunSystems’ data with companion products like procurement software, housing management systems and back office hospitality software tools, providing an unparalleled insight to data. We are looking forward to contributing to the success of this strategy.”

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