Fully Utilise Cloud Accounting to Enhance Your Business

In many ways, cloud accounting is similar to traditional accounting software. At the most basic level, remote servers host cloud accounting data, whereas traditional accounting software stores data in-house.

There are multiple benefits to this method of accounting software. This includes greater flexibility and accuracy, allowing your organisation to focus on more important operations. Furthermore, it is often equally, if not more, secure than traditional accounting software.

In this short guide, BDI provides an overview of the key elements of cloud accounting software, as well as how it can benefit your business.

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Cloud accounting basics

Unlike traditional, in-house software, cloud accounting solutions send data to the cloud. Data is then processed before being returned to the user.

In terms of security, cloud providers usually have backup servers in multiple locations. This means that, should the network go down, users can still access data without interruption.

Through using cloud solutions, you can:

How secure is cloud accounting?

Despite some scepticism over the safety and security of using the cloud, the internet elements add extra security to your data.

Due to remote storage, company computers have no digital trace of financial data. This creates more security, as stolen devices do not hold sensitive financial data.

Furthermore, data encryption and password-protection provides extra security.

Users can access cloud accounting software through the Internet via a cloud application service provider. This information can also be shared between users. Both users need access to the appropriate level of security within the same system, and their own password. In many ways, this is more secure than using flash drives, which have the potential to be lost.

Benefits of cloud accounting

There are a variety of benefits to cloud accounting over traditional, in-house accounting.

  • More flexibility

    Whereas traditional, on-site accounting software can only be accessed from within the office, cloud accounting offers more freedom. Data is accessible from any location through an internet-connected device.

  • Greater accuracy

    Cloud accounting software updates financial information automatically, providing financial reporting in real-time. Account balances are therefore always accurate. Furthermore, fewer errors appear within the financial information, through removing the potential for human error.

  • Automatic behind-the-scenes processes

    As a result of back-end processes, multi-company and multi-currency transactions are more efficiently managed.

  • More manageable software costs

    With in-house traditional software, costs increase as an organisation grows. This often includes new licenses and new fees. However, cloud solutions are easily adjustable to small increases in an organisation, creating fairer prices.

  • Reduced maintenance

    Cloud accounting requires less maintenance than traditional accounting software. Updates are automatic, with the cloud provider completing backups. In-house IT teams no longer need to download and install software and updates.


To summarise, cloud accounting offers a more flexible and scalable solution to organisations. Hosting cloud solutions on remote servers reduces maintenance time for your organisation’s IT team.

Cloud accounting does not compromise on safety and security for organisations, being equally (if not more) secure to traditional accounting software.

If you are interested in how this method of accounting can benefit your organisation, then please get in contact with one of our business experts. We would welcome the opportunity to consult your business needs and explore how our software can meet your business goals.

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