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a team using a laptop. They are looking at the difference between data analysis and reporting

The Subtle Difference Between Data Analysis and Reporting

Although it may seem like data reporting and analysis are the same thing, they are subtly different in several ways. Learn more about how to use them today.

using colour in data visualisation can provide key benefits

7 Tips for Using Colour in Data Visualisation the Right Way

Using colour in your data visualisation can make or break a report. With these 7 tips, you can confidently use colour to enhance your data visualisations.

sharperlight excel addin used with bdi's tools

How the Sharperlight Excel Add-in Revolutionises Spreadsheets

The Sharperlight Excel Add-in is a powerful tool that enhances your existing spreadsheets. Use accurate and up-to-date data in your analysis with this tool.

Dashboard of a car, symbolizing dashboard reporting tools

How Dashboard Reporting Tools Can Steer Your Business

Have you ever wondered if dashboard reporting tools are right for your organisation? In this post, BDI provides an overview of the tools and top tips for using them.