Using Data Intelligently


We work with partners to deliver solutions and services to our customers. However, we will work with any solution provider, services provider or other consultancy to ensure that we meet our prime objective of delivering business value to our customers.

Sharperlight allows access to data across multiple enterprise systems helping to make truly intelligent and timely business decisions.

It’s a secure “Out of the Box” solution, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs and a powerful engine and integration framework delivering simplified intelligence.

BDI works with Sharperlight to deliver solutions that allow reporting across all your systems – operational, front office/front-of-house, purchasing, finance, HR, payroll and logistics (and indeed any internal or external data source).

In addition, Sharperlight offers a value-for-money approach to budigeting & forecasting.

Touchstone is a leading provider of ERP and other solutions from major providers such as Microsoft and Infor. They have extended their capability to include enterprise reporting using TimeXtender. This allows data to be extracted and transformed for use with any reporting software such as PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau and so on.

BDI applies its expertise and business insight to deliver combined reporting, irrespective of any reporting tools used by our customers, sticking to our primary objective of delivering value for money in reporting.