Nick Simpson

Account Director

Nick Simpson is an experienced sales professional with over 23 years of experience in helping clients improve their business processes by implementing the right software. His sales journey began by working for a Sage Reseller after a couple of years working in the investment division of Barclays. Nick’s background in telesales means he can confidently say he’s seen it all.

After 10 years of working in the Sage world, Nick moved to Access to experience the direct sales model. From here, he moved to Advanced Computer Software so he could be involved with larger projects. After a couple of years working with Advanced, Nick decided to move back to the reseller world to work with SunSystems and SAP BYD.

Nick has worked with many types of organisations over the years, but has most recently worked with more finance-focused teams in the Not-for-Profit, Insurance, and Professional Services sectors.

Outside of work, Nick can be found clay pigeon shooting, cooking, or enjoying motor sport. 


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